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Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

Total Time: 50 minutes
Serves 5


Chicken, whole or in pieces, with or without skin and bones
Fresh vegetables, cut into pieces: carrots: corn on the cob, potatoes, zucchini, onion
Fresh cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste (powdered consommé can be substituted for salt)
Optional: fresh, peeled tomato, diced (canned tomatoes can be used)
On serving: lemon juice to taste

Easy Directions

  1. Place all ingredients in a large, covered pot with enough water to cover everything.
  2. Heat to boiling and reduce heat, cooking until vegetables are tender and chicken separates easily from the bone (or until cooked through).
  3. Allow to sit for 1/2 hour before serving.
  4. Serve with Northgate bolillos and a fresh, nutritious salad.